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From tractors to combines to end loaders to fork lifts! If it’s a tire or a wheel, Weldon has it at the right price, plus the right people to back it up.

We know business and how important it is to keep your vehicles in operation. Our huge inventory lets us solve problems fast. If we don’t have it, our nationwide network lets us get most product in the next day.

Whether you’re a plumber with a back hoe or in construction with a skid loader or delivering materials across the Tri-State, count on Weldon Tire for fast service, the right product and the expert people your company deserves.

If you’re a farmer, you need a partner that understands that planting and harvesting and all the farm work in between. You don’t have time to wait around. You need it when you need it, no excuses. Weldon Tire can meet you in the field to keep you rolling.

Tires for combines, tractors, planters, sprayers, grain wagons…we will take care of you like you were family. Round the clock, 24 hour service if necessary. Weldon Tire! We want to be your tire store.

How To Know When To Replace Farm Tractor Tires

Look for signs of cracks or bulges. Does the rubber look weathered? These signs can indicate equipment has been stored outside or perhaps even abused. New tires can run up to $30,000. So it might be wise to invest in a tire gauge. It is fairly easy to go to the manufacturers web site. The gauge can tell you how much tread you have left. The web site can tell you if that’s enough to operate the equipment efficiently and safely.

How To Know When To Replace Fork Lift Tires

Fork lift safety is critical in today’s workplace. A key component in fork lift safety is the tires. Pneumatic tires need to be replaced when there is 2″ or less of tread. Bald tires are a sign they may be due for replacement as are cuts and gashes. These can lead to blow outs and dangerous load balance issues. Check the sidewall for manufacturer suggested tire pressures and stick to what they recommend. Too much or too little inflation can lead to premature wear, less control of steering and wasted fuel.

The 2 inch standard also applies to cushion or press on tires. Check the height of the tire. If that’s down 2 inches or more, replace your tires. If the tire has missing pieces that effect the ride or if you experience loss of traction, you may have a problem that needs to be addressed. Misalignment on your equipment can lead to flat spots. If you have questions about your forklift or side loader tires, call Weldon Tire. One of our experts will visit you on site and help you make an informed decision.