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Whether one truck or a whole fleet, Weldon has the inventory and people to keep your company rolling! We have service trucks available on a 24 hour basis to keep you to up and running. Weldon can come to you. At your shop or warehouse. On the road. Whatever is needed.

We have access to most any brand of commercial truck tire , including Bandag Retreads. We offer on-the-road emergency service with properly equipped technicians that know what they’re doing.

We can even set up a fleet maintenance schedule where we inspect and maintain your tires, preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Many area businesses, as well as, many regional and national trucking companies count on Weldon Tire to keep them rolling strong, safe and profitable.

Our over the road truckers are special to us. Weldon Tires knows the trucking industry and the challenges they face. We go all out to service our truckers. Count on Weldon for all your truck tire & wheel/rim needs.

We accept most major business cards or we can set an account for your company. Whether you’re an owner/operator or responsible for an entire fleet, Weldon tire can handle most any challenge you throw at us.

Bandag Retreads! The Trucking Industry Gold Standard!

Weldon Tire has carried Bandag Retreads for many decades. There’s a reason why. It is simply the kind of product Weldon Tire can stand behind, no questions asked. The Bandag Retread Process starts with a thorough initial inspection of casings for cuts, punctures, air pockets and other damage. The casings are then repaired if necessary.

Then casings are scanned for separations that might affect performance, and the tires are buffed to remove the old, worn tread design. Damaged materials are removed and final repairs are made. New tread rubber is bonded to the casing at low temperatures to avoid stress and distortion. Then a final inspection is performed to ensure the tire is in perfect operating condition.