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Buying tires for your car, light truck or SUV can be quite confusing. Do you really need new tires? Do your old tires need to be replaced or just repaired? What size tires do you need. What about wheels and rims? Which brand is the best?

The answer to all these questions are waiting of you at Weldon Tire. You can count on us for honest information and the best possible price with none of the hidden fees you’ll find at many of the big box stores. Our sales team will consider your driving habits. Are you on the highway because of your work? Do you enjoy off roading? Let our knowledgeable experts help you.

Whatever you drive, Chevy, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Jeep, Jaguar, Mercedes …whether it’s a station wagon, minivan, convertible, pickup truck… Weldon Tire will match your needs to the right tire at the right price!

Our Cooper Tire line offers some unique advantages.

Treadwear Warranties Up to 80,000 Miles

  • FREE Lifetime Tire Rotation*
  • FREE Mounting*
  • FREE Valve Stems*
  • FREE Shuttle Service

(* With Purchase of 4 Cooper Tires)

How Do You Know If You Need New Tires?

An important part of your tires is tread wear. Your tire’s tread wear determines how much traction you have on the road and in all sorts of conditions…like rain, snow, mud or ice. If your tread wear is worn…these materials can get between your tire and the road. With good tread wear, these materials pass between the ridges on your tire so you can maintain control in inclement conditions.

Got A Penny! It Can Tell You If You Need New Tires!

Here a time honored way to see if you need to get new tires. Use a penny to see how much tread depth you have left. Insert the penny in the tread of your tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to come to Weldon Tire! The penny test just showed you there’s less than 2/32 of tread wear left on your tires. That is a dangerous situation because the tread is worn down to or less than 2/32 of an inch.